Experience meets creativity

With many years of management experience at one of the largest IT corporations worldwide, I was not born yesterday. I have continuously developed myself in this respect, taking on responsibilities, management roles and risks. It is inevitable that I’ve also made mistakes along the way and grown because of it. In all this time, I’ve found creative ways to head in the right direction and have had a positive effect on companies to date.

My extensive experience of how companies function internally and externally helps me, and you, to find practical and goal oriented solutions that we can implement. The many trainings and the steady theoretical examination of modern corporate consulting that I’ve been offering for five years now as a consultant also put me in the position to develop the optimal strategy for you.

I enhance my know-how with my creative and innovative way of looking at situations from different perspectives. I’m quite clear on this. Profit from my experience, my knowledge and my visionary character.

This is unorthodox and new – and that’s exactly why it’s successful.

I look forward to your inquiry.

Yours, Martina Stauch


  • 23. November 2017 Compromises at Work

    Interview with Martina Stauch, experteer.de, 23 November 2017

    Compromises are usually not negatives. They are instead necessary for implementing changes and can often even bring about creative solutions. In order for this to happen, all participants must approach the matter with a certain mindset.

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  • 16. Februar 2016 The CIO is a Strong Management Visionary

    Article with Martina Stauch, CIO-Online, 16 February 2016

    The CIO of today needs a clear vision and a feel for motivating and developing his team. More than ever, the CIO must be a leader. A good CIO thereby even drives corporate success.

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  • 08. Februar 2016 The Four Roles of a CIO

    Article by Martina Stauch, CIO-Online, 08 February 2016

    Nowadays, a CIO must flawlessly master four roles, because he is Chief Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Inspiration Officer and Chief Integrity Officer all in one.

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  • 26. Mai 2014 Independence – Setbacks are a part of it

    Stuttgarter Zeitung, 26 May 2014

    An article about personnel consultant and management coach Martina Stauch stuttgarter-zeitung “…from her point of view, a criterion for the success of the self-employed and companies is a person who welcomes new ideas, changes and improvements, implements lasting strategies consistently and thinks about success. He who wants a different job will usually fail with the first sign of difficulty…”

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  • Februar 2014 No one likes average

    Computerwoche Nr. 9, February 2014

    Good managers hire good employees – this equation is not always true. Increasingly, bosses are challenged to act transparently and honestly when it comes to dealing with difficult employees. Jens Gieseler interviews Martina Stauch, Jörg Knoblauch und Christine Rheinberger

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  • 02. Januar 2014 The Vision of Lasting Corporate Success

    Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, 2 January 2014

    The key is a charismatic management personality. Many studies show that companies with similar products and structures as well as comparable sales and payment models have varying degrees of success. But what makes the difference? Vision, sustainability and passion make the difference. That paired with a charismatic management team is the key to success.

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  • 10. Oktober 2013 Delegating for Managers – Make Yourself Superfluous!

    Interview with Martina Stauch, CIO-Online, 10 Oktober 2013

    Delegating properly is an important tool for managers. To give responsibility and with it visibility to employees builds trust, personal growth for individual employees and forms a powerful motivated team. When they delegate tasks, managers do not get stuck in daily business activities and instead keep a clear head for strategy and the future. He who does not delegate does not draw any successors. If there are no successors, there are no promotions.

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  • Oktober 2013 IT Departments Are Changing – Telefònica AG

    Orhideal-IMAGE, October 2013

    IT departments have always found themselves caught between business requirements, technical feasibility and financing. IT departments are changing rapidly. The demands of the user place more and more pressure on IT. The issue “Bring Your Own Device” BYOD is only one of many issues that open for discussion. The Infrastructure Deployment Department at Telefónica Deutschland shows us how IT departments stand for savings and sustainability and not just costs.

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  • Juni 2013 Unnecessary Political Games

    Computerwoche-Online, 21 June 2013

    Often today, I find that more of a lone wolf mentality prevails especially in upper management levels where everyone looks out for themselves and tries to create and maintain power positions in which they play with concealed cards and do not share information. Politics result from unsolved conflicts or goals that have not been defined well enough by upper management. The effect on the productivity of the company is immense. Read this article to find out how to divert politics and turf wars in upper management into productive results.

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  • Februar 2013 Leadership needs Passion

    Computerwoche Nr. 6, February 2013

    It is the people and the management team who secure the decisive competitive advantage.Companies that are lead in a visionary manner with passion, are often more successful than their competitors, despite the same products. But not only this. Successful managers are also self-critical, openly critical of their own products, demand high quality and possess the ability to learn from mistakes. For example, if passion is missing, then the people in the company still function, of course. Bit by bit, however, vision, creativity and the ability to excite other people get lost. Especially the enthusiasm for your own company, its products and the desire for something new make the difference. Because it is this enthusiasm that automatically spreads to the employees and the market.

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